Coconut Bites

Pure coconut bliss wrapped in a dark chocolate coating. These bite sized treats are a mouthful of deliciousness.


30g coconut oil

70g desiccated coconut- sulphur dioxide free

60g creamed coconut

20g maple syrup

Pinch of salt

120g Tempered dark chocolate to coat


Melt the oil over a low heat and add the rest of the ingredients (apart from the chocolate).

Mix until fully combined.

Pour into a container and leave aside to set.

(You can put in the fridge to speed the process up for about 30minutes).

Once the coconut mixture has set cut into squares or your desired shapes / size.

Have the tempered chocolate ready and dip the bars into the dark chocolate, place them on baking paper to set.

Leave to set, then serve end enjoy! 

*you might have some dark chocolate left over, simply scrap into a bowl and keep for sprinkling over yoghurt, granola or making hot chocolate.