About Us

LockhartMartin was founded up by Sarah Martin. After being diagnosed with Coeliac disease and several other food intolerances, creating delicious and healthy chocolate became a passion which has turned into a business.

After being initially diagnosed with the disease Sarah became frustrated with the lack of healthy yet tasty foods available, in particular chocolate. Another challenge she found herself faced with was the lack of alternative hot drinks available that were caffeine and dairy free but still had an indulgent treat feel to them. This frustration was heightened in the winter months when after a long walk or run a hot chocolate would be her first port of call to warm up. Finding an alternative was high on Sarah's priority list so discoveing that the cocoa bean shells made a heavenly chocolate drink was a revelation. 

Sarah immersed herself in the world of chocolate and spent the best part of 2 years leanirng about chocolate and testing different beans arriving at the present day where she now creates healthy chocolate, drinks and treats.

**The infusions are made from the cocoa bean shell and nib they are blended with other flavours to create our range of drinks. 

One of the key values of the company is that we use ethically sourced, sustainably produced cocoa beans where the farmers are being paid a fair price for their beans. We use all natural products with no added nasties.  In the world of chocolate this doesn't always mean they are certified organic as there is an ongoing debate how valid that term is and how it benefits or hinders the farmers who for years have used all natural processs. For more information on this please read it our blog post here.

For more information or to place an order please contact us.